Gimme the goods!

So where do I find all of these goodies?

Every summer you can shop in Winnipeg for locally grown produce at

Crampton’s Market (corner of Waverley and Bishop Grandin)

Jardins St Leon   (419 St. Mary’s road)

Petrasko Brothers (1577 Henderson Hwy)

Lacoste Garden Centre (2787 St Mary’s Road)

St Norbert Farmers Market (3514 Pembina Hwy)

Year round you can find local food at.

Vic’s Fruit Market (1038 Pembina Hwy)

Delucas (950 Portage Ave)

Vita Health (102 Osborne st)

Organza Food (2A-230 Osborne)

In Rural areas throughout our Province, you can find local food at the dozens of Farmers Markets that take place each summer.

Check out for more information.


Keep Small Farm Families off of the Endangered List

The best way to help small family farmers is to buy from them…

Did you know… there are varieties of fruits and vegetables that are nearing extinction?  Big farms growing  fewer varieties of fruits, veggies, grains and animals mean less biodiversity when it comes to simple things like potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, and pork.

Lucky for us in Manitoba, small farms still  have the opportunity to change this trend.  To save these species, we have to eat them.    When you support small Manitoba farmers, you are ensuring that neither the food, nor the farmers, will be wiped off the map forever.  The best way to help family farmers is to buy from them.  And the best way to ensure biodiversity in Manitoba Agriculture is to eat Manitoba produced food.