Press release Friday, April 17

Media Release                      April 16, 2010

Cease Fire Called on Spud Wars!

Winnipeg, Manitoba – In a brief and productive meeting today taking only about 20 minutes, Peak of the Market and the Potato Coalition of Manitoba have come to an agreement that will better satisfy the needs of small potato producers, farmers markets, restaurants and small independent retailers.

Peak of the Market and the Potato Coalition of Manitoba are committed to writing an exemption for small potato growers of 5 acres or less and small root crop producers of 1 acre or less.

The agreed upon Exemption is effective immediately and small growers can take advantage of this opportunity beginning today.

This joint consultation will result in all Manitoba markets being better served by all vegetable producers and ensuring locally grown produce being on the shelves.

The agreement includes:

  • A complete 5 acre exemption for small potato producers
  • A complete 1 acre exemption for small root crop producers
  • Growers under these exemptions may sell year round to all Farmers Markets, small independent retail, road side stands and restaurants.
  • This is a complete exemption that will require no permits or regulatory procedures from Peak of the Market.
  • The parties will meet in consultation to discuss any future issues

“The Potato Coalition of Manitoba is very pleased that Manitoba small potato farmers have better year round access to the marketplace, say Erin Crampton.  “Farmers Markets, restaurants and small independent grocery stores are thrilled with the outcome.”

“The most important outcome of this agreement is Manitobans can buy Manitoba grown vegetables everywhere, stated Larry McIntosh.  “We must never forget the importance of all the Family Farms in Manitoba.”

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